Our history and vision

Zines DOOEL exists on the Macedonian market since 1992. We started with a unique vision, which after many years is still going on, creating products of top quality and design. We constantly improve, upgrade and complement our range. We have expanded internationally and for 14 years with our products we successfully meet the needs of the European market. Zines produces upholstered furniture, designed just for your relaxation, consequently designed and inspiringly beautiful, always complemented by the stunning shine of stainless steel. In our range you will find furniture for every room in your home. Seats, sleeping beds, armchairs and chairs, designed to suit your style and to provide the comfort that everyday needs. We made a selection of materials that are long lasting and provide the quality that we offer. You can choose furniture in leather, fabric or artificial leather, and combinations of colors and sizes are numerous. We are always ready to respond to all the requirements and needs, so we are sure that you will find exactly what you need in your home in Zines. Choose furniture in which you will enjoy completely and which will be the center of your room for many years. We set high standards in processing and materials, therefore our products are garnished for quality and style.

From inspiration to creation

We are fascinated by expressive furniture, which in itself tells the only story. Furniture that is unique as its owner, who will visually and functionally win you.

Zines created his furniture collections by incorporating them into the desire to create a modern piece of furniture that will not lag behind the need for comfort. Each individual model has its own distinctive feature and different function, its own character that will emphasize your individuality. Zines creates furniture with a sophisticated design that will fit your character.


The furniture that Zines produces is made of exclusively high quality materials that will provide ultimate enjoyment. Made of LongLife leather, that is, long-lasting skin that will upgrade its beauty over the years of use.


You have a style, we have the furniture that will fit your style. From each piece of furniture you can choose the shape and size, as well as the color of the leather so that the headset will suit you perfectly.


By maintaining the craft in the modern times, the quality of the products is achieved thanks to the wonderful work done by our carpenters, upholsterer and seamstresses.

If you had made a round about the whole process in which Zines works, it probably would have begun from the design. Fashionable, elegant or exciting. The Accera model has a very light and impressive look, and behind it there are all the details that are unique and inherent to it. The functions in the armrest and backrests that allow adjustment to the body position are incorporated into this seemingly futuristic model to provide a sense of comfort. On the other hand Ravenna looks really simple, but unsurpassably elegant at the same time. Designed to create a piece of furniture that will fit perfectly for every home and every individual, Ravenna is actually a headset that, regardless of its shape, size or color, will look great.

Our designers undoubtedly interpret their work as creating a kind of art that is still tailored to respond to its goal. So we can say that we have created furniture with our own character. The more you individually match one piece of furniture, invest in more than one object that will fill the place in your home.

In order for a single set or chair to provide a comfortable seating, it is necessary to match it to the human body. Our design team starts with this foundation, taking into account the dimensions of the human body, creates a model that offers comfort for long hours sitting or laying.

Designing sleeping beds covers the same creative process and is guided by the same principles and ideas. Superb comfort and exterior beauty that captivates the bedroom.

However, creating a single model is not only in the visual appearance, so a complete draft is required. Our team uses software programs to insert models of sets, bedrooms, armchairs and dining chairs in different given spaces creating a 3D simulation. Visual imple- mentation in this way takes into account how models fit different day or bedrooms and plan their possible dimensions.

The selection of materials that will be used in making our furniture is crucial. The wooden structure is of top quality, made of beech and plywood and has a really long service life. We have selected suppliers that have quality certificates, we have chosen a tree that provides resistance to cracking, bending, collecting or breaking.

The high-foam seat foam, as well as the back and armrests, provides comfort and excellent support and after a long sitting time. The convenience of our customers is always the most important, especially when it comes to furniture that is used daily. We selected a foam that adapts to the human body, which provides excellent support, and does not change its shape after long use.

The surface of the whole structure is that it gives the shape life and character. The material with which the entire construction of a headset will be coated is just as important as any function provided by the furniture. We designed furniture models from our collection in order to create long lasting furniture, and nothing lasts longer than the beautiful natural leather. The skin itself has countless qualities that are favorable to every home, and visually undoubtedly conquers. When choosing leather with which we will tap our models, we have paid attention to its durability. Priority is placed on LongLife leather skin which is great for furniture that you will use on a daily basis. In fact, even with long use, the skin becomes soft, cozy and comfortable. Certainly in our offer we chose leather that will definitely emphasize its exclusivity.

We designed the model, we created templates, we selected materials and we are ready for production. In the next phase we will start with the physical workmanship of a piece of furniture that will visually and functionally suit you and your home.